A downloadable game for Windows

** Very Early Access **

** Some features are not finialised, and some aren't incorporated at all yet, but they will be very soon. The art assets are only placeholders at the moment, and weren't designed by me. You can find some of these art assets in the Free Low Poly section of the Unity Asset Store **

Based in a world run by shapes, both 2D and 3D, a new supreme leader, who goes by the name Squ'Are the Shape Slayer, comes to power and begins the mistreatment of 3D shapes. Any shape that acknowledges their 3rd dimension is imprisoned for life and subjected to cruel and unusual punishment with no case for parole, talk about being harsh.

Help the 3D shapes escape by setting a destination for them to run to and guide them to safety.

Install instructions

Make sure to have the Data folder next to (in the same directory as) the .EXE when launching the game.


The Shape Escape.zip 11 MB


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Thanks, pretty but I don't think I figured out all controls...

You need to provide the data folder in the zip if you want others to be able to play. :)

Hey thanks for letting me know the file was missing. I've updated the .zip file to now include the data folder, was a mistake on my end with the files. Thanks again :